Mats and Mia meets the cowboy!

The horse bites Mats finger. Mats screams, it hurts. Mats and Mia lives in the house. The cowbow lives with his horse in the stable. Mia is a nurse so she help Mats with the bandage. The Mats feels better. The car is in the garage. Mias hair is orange! The blonde professor is just observing everything. Daddy like two front horses!

In the djungle, the mighty djungle!

Vinzent is more productive than I have time to scan his pictures. Most of the time he is doing his old style marker drawings but now and then he also like to paint. Now understanding that a painting can be anything, anything he like it to be. This after several visits to galleries and art museums. This smaller abstract piece in acrylic he calls the djungle. 

Vinzent also continues to talk a lot. He can talk for very long about before, during and after his drawing or painting. Still a bit one way, talking mainly but I feel he is starting to ask and answer questions also. But this is not as clear as him talking very much. The feeling is great and if we can have a little bit more learning and development, I think he will really start talking and communicating. 

Rikard and Thata visits the farmer

Rikard walks inside the fence with the farmer. Thata waits outside. Rikard has  a cat on his shoulder. Rikard is watching cows. The cat is tickles Rikards neck with its wiskers!  Rikard tickle the cat. The farmer lives in his barn. He like to drive his tractor. The calf steps on the farmers toe. The foot is injured. The farmer needs to go to the hospital. The farmer cannot bring the rake. He leaves it at the farm in the barn. The ambulance is on its way. It will pick up the farmer. The farmer must wait for the ambulance. Soon he will be in the ambulance. When the farmer arrives to the hospital the doctor will repair his foot and put a cast on it. The farmer like to drive his tractor! I like the farmer and his barn!